25 Dog Training Tips

A good/successful trainer has oodles of patience. Rewarding good behaviour is crucial for successful dog training. Focus on initiating and rewarding good behaviour rather than waiting for the dog to misbehave and then punishing it. Always praise your dog for behaving well at least twice as much as you correct the dog for misbehaving. It’s […]

Bringing Home Hammer!

“Mom, Dad! Let’s get a dog?” “No!” 25 years down the line… “Let’s get a dog, dear hubby?” “No!” Twelve more years have passed and I’ve heard one too many “No’s” in my life. So after thinking about it for many nights I decided this time I would take matters in my own hands. I […]

Pooch At The Poolside

On a blistering hot day, a cool inviting swimming pool can make for a refreshing refuge from the heat. For most canines, the pool rules as summer’s favourite activity. After all, it is the only place where doggy paddle is allowed, belly flops encouraged and swimsuits are optional! Here are a few tips you should […]

Sunburn In Dogs

With the onset of the summers, it is important for pet-parents to note that dogs too can get sunburnt. Long-term exposure to the sun causes skin damage to pets. A sunburnt dog can peel painfully, scab over and in extreme cases, even suffer from skin cancer. To ensure your dog has safe fun in the […]