OZCF Gala Raises $868,000 For Atashkadeh Construction

In an inspirational display of community spirit, the Ontario Zoroastrian Community Foundation (OZCF) hosted a spectacular gala on 11th November, 2023, at the Mississauga Convention Centre, to celebrate the ongoing construction of the consecrated Atashkadeh and future Atash-e-Adaran fire temple. The evening, attended by nearly 500 guests, marked a monumental fundraising success, generating an impressive […]

Support Animal Welfare With JeevaMitra!

In the past, Parsi Times appealed to our community members to aid ‘JeevaMitra’- a Learning Space Foundation initiative by Genevieve Dubash, that provides food and shelter to stray animals. Parsi Times readers will be delighted to know that their generous donations contributed towards raising Rs. 5,25,000/- as part of ‘JeevaMitra’s Phase I’ initiative. These funds were […]

કર્જતમાં લાયનોની ઉમંગ

18 જુન, 2017 ના રોજ, લાયન્સ પર્સી માસ્ટર, કેટી પટેલ, સાયરસ સુરતી અને લાયનના 45 સભ્યોએ ઉમંગની મુલાકાત લીધી હતી. ઉમંગએ બાલ આનંદનું વિસ્તર છે અને વિશ્ર્વ ચિલ્ડ્રન કલ્યાણ ટ્રસ્ટ જે ભારત હેઠળ ચાલે છે. માનસિક રીતે અક્ષમતા ધરાવતા સોળ બાળકોનું આ ઘર છે જ્યા તેમને વિવિધ તાલિમ આપવામાં આવે છે.  

Lions ‘Umang’ At Karjat

On 18th June, 2017, Lions Percy Master (Region Manager), Katy Patel (Zonal Manager), Cyrus Surti and 45 Lion members visited Umang – an extension of Bal Anand, run under World Children Welfare Trust, India. Home to over sixteen special children with special needs including cerebral palsy, mental/ physical disabilities, Umang is a 6 ½ acre […]