Launch Of ‘Centre for Avesta-Pahlavi Studies’ – A 5-way ‘Samanvay’ Project’

Dr. Adil Malia 5th March, 2024, marked the launch of the renewed initiative: ‘Centre for Avesta-Pahlavi Studies’, at the Kalina campus of Mumbai University (MU), inaugurated by our H’ble Minister of Women & Child Development, and Minister of Minority Affairs – Smt. Smriti Irani. Indeed a historic day of pride for the Zoroastrian community – thanks […]

Team Committed To Community

Hoshang J B Jal Committed as your ‘Full Time Trustee’, assuring unconditional availability all through the week. A meritorious career spanning 35 years in the Indian Civil Service (IRS) as Asst. Commissioner, felicitated with the prestigious Presidential Award for ‘Specially Distinguished Record of Service’. Areas Of Focus: Protection of Sacred Doongerwadi Land; Re-examine and resolve […]

Team ‘Committed To Community’

–  ‘Building Trust, Rebuilding Credibility’  – Team ‘Committed To Community’ comprises four community stalwarts – Kersi Randeria, Lion Daara Patel, Hoshang Jal and Dr. Adil Malia – who will contest the BPP Elections as one team of like-minded individuals, who ‘think independently but work unitedly’ towards ‘Building Trust’ within the community and ‘Rebuilding Credibility’ of […]

Sharpen Your Edge

Inertia, Myopia And Complacency… … the destructive trio that dulls your edge Most Admirable Leaders Inspire Action. No action, no leadership – it’s as simple as that! Leadership without fire in its belly is unable to see for itself and thus, is unable to show the burning platform to the rest of its team. This […]