Check It Out (2017-04-22)

Seminar On Harnessing Nature’s Energy The Senior Citizens Association of Marine Drive have organised a seminar on ‘Harnessing Nature’s Energy Freely’, i.e. Good Health without Medicine, in association with Dr. Darius Umrigar, on 23rd April, 2017, at Maheshwari Bhawan, 1st floor, opp. Wadiaji Ateshbehram, Princess Street, Mumbai, 5:00 pm onwards. Free Entry. .


Meher, a fourteen year old (name changed for confidentiality purposes) had been wanting a bicycle for her birthday. However, knowing that her parents could not afford one, she never asked. So imagine her delight when her neighbour gifted her one on that day. Meher was overjoyed and kept asking her neighbour how she could possibly […]

Energy And Physical Healing

Our emotions often determine our health. It is said that all health issues are first reflected in our aura. If we’re able to deal with these, we’re able to handle the issue in that auric layer itself. We can then avoid most health challenges. But this is easier said than done. Invariably all of us […]