A Tribute To Late Noshir Tantra – Cricketer Par Excellence!

Mumbai has time and again added to the rich heritage of India’s extraordinary cricketing talent… one such great personality, who was highly respected and appreciated by family, friends, team-mates and the fraternity, was the former cricketer, Late Noshir Tantra. This humble and down-to-earth gentleman, who served the game with distinction, passed away on 18th January, […]

Anahita Desai and Berjis Desai Speak About Their Respective Nominations As BPP Trustees

Anahita Desai Speaks About Filing Her Nomination As BPP Trustee On 19th January, 2021, Anahita Desai – popular candidate for the BPP Trusteeship in the oncoming elections in March 2021, formally filed her nomination. Over the past three decades, Anahita Desai has proven her commitment and dedication to community service with honesty, integrity and wholehearted […]

WAPIZ Facilitates Navjotes Of Two Brothers

10th January, 2021, marked the long-awaited, auspicious Navjote ceremony of brothers – Aspandiar and Auriya Nowroze Attaie, thanks to WAPIZ facilitating the occasion, held at the Cama Baug (small otla) and graced by twenty-five well-wishers, including WAPIZ CEO – Anahita Desai and Trustees; donor Soonu Hoshang Buhariwalla, ZCBL’s Chairperson – Homai Daruwalla; Arnavaz Mistry and […]

Shehrevar Parab – Celebrating Divine Strength And Righteous Power

Shehrevar (Avestan Khshathra vairya) is the sixth month of the Zoroastrian calendar and represents Ahura Mazda’s ‘desirable dominion’. It is the Amesha Spenta or Archangel presiding over metals and minerals. Shehrevar’s qualities are strength and power and Shehrevar uses both these qualities righteously to bring peace and Ahura Mazda’s ‘desirable dominion’ in this world. Shehrevar, who is visualized as wearing a battle helmet and wielding […]

From The Editor's Desk

From the Editors Desk

The Need For Unity Amidst Crumbling Democracies   Dear Readers, It is said, nothing so sharpens one’s appreciation for democracy as bearing witness to its demolition. Recent events across the world have triggered ‘the future of democracy’ as the primary topic for discussion, globally. The past fifteen years have rendered most of us as mute spectators, […]