A Peek Into Heaven And Hell

After the invasion of Alexander and the fall of the mighty Achaemenian Empire, the Zoroastrian religion had a setback. The Greeks tried hard to Hellenize Iran and impose their beliefs and culture on the Iranian people. To some extent, they succeeded. However, some provinces like Pars continued to offer stiff resistance. Soon followed the rise […]

Parsi Pride Brigade

PT’s Parsi Pride Brigade celebrates the academic performances of our young achievers who have triumphed in the Board exams, across schools and colleges. We are delighted to feature our bright sparks who make our community proud! We invite you to celebrate your success too with our community and feature in PT’s Parsi Pride Brigade! Mail us […]

Parsi Gate Restoration Commences

In keeping with the concerns regarding the delay in the restoration of the ‘Parsi Gate’, located on Mumbai’s Marine Drive sea-face, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has shared that the restoration work has commenced on this sacred site. The sacred structure had been dismantled for the ongoing construction of the Mumbai Coastal Road project. As […]

Gratitude To The Wise Creator

As per the Shehenshahi calendar, we are currently observing the holy Dae Mahino. This month is dedicated to the Supreme Divinity (Ahura Mazda), and therefore considered one of the most significant in the Zoroastrian calendar of twelve months. The term Ahura Mazda is translated as Ahura (Lord) and Mazda (Wisdom). More liberally translated, Ahura is ‘Creator’ (and therefore Lord or Master of all creations) […]

Insights Into Real Challenges Faced By Our Community Today

Recently, community stalwart, visionary and philanthropist, Dinshaw Tamboly – Chairman of WZO Trusts, gave an insightful and enlightening overview about the current situation and challenges faced by the Parsi community, on the occasion commemorating the 13th anniversary celebrations of the Zoroastrian House of the Parsi Zoroastrian Association of South East Asia, Singapore (PZAS). In his […]