In Line With The Truth

BPP Trustee Kersi Randeria Rubbishes False Claims By Phiroze Amroliwalla And Shares Facts . Over the last week, I have received a number of queries and requests from community members as regards the malicious and unfounded lies being spread about me, by a certain Phiroze Amroliwalla, in a Sunday-rag which surely qualifies as the torch […]

Cyrus The (Not So) Great!

. It was Fali, who put it beautifully, “Aare lockdown khallas thai gayo!!” These words were the best sounding words in the last decade. Only other words that came close are, “Liverpool lead the E.P.L,” and “Katy’s left her husband.” But these last few words are highly personal. Ironically, Katy’s husband was a diehard Liverpool […]

The Ascension Of The Last Sasanian King Yazdezerd III To The Throne

Ten monarchs ruled over Sasanian Iran within a short period of four years, from 628 to 632 CE, most of them falling victims to internecine strife. In 632 CE, the situation had become very grim. The institutions of kingship, nobility and clergy were shaken. Military generals, pretenders and usurpers took this opportunity and frequently assumed […]

Mind Over Meat

n the pantheon of Zoroastrian divinities, Bahman Amshaspand ranks next to Ahura Mazda. Bahman is an Amshaspand or Amesha Spenta (variously translated as Bountiful Immortal or Arch Angel) and is doctrinally seen as the guardian of one of Ahura Mazda’s good creations, namely animals – particularly Goshpand like cow, goat, sheep, etc. It is for […]