Gahambar – A Time For Collecting… Blessings Or Popularity?

Gahambar (Pahlavi gāsānbār) literally means, ‘a time for collection’. Some scholars believe, that ‘collection’ refers to the community collecting and connecting in prayer, and giving (their contribution of grain or service in cooking or serving food or fire wood) and feasting together – rich and poor, all at the same table. Others feel it is […]

Dr. Cyres Mehta Awarded ‘Fellow Of The Collegium Of AIOS’ At Annual Conference

Dr. Cyres Mehta, the nation’s leading Ophthalmologist, reckoned globally for his unparalleled genius and breakthroughs in the field of professional eye-care, was felicitated with the prestigious title: ‘Fellow Of The Collegium’ at the 81st Annual Conference of the All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS – India’s most prominent Ophthalmological association), which was held at the Grand […]