Community Call:
Restoring Infrastructure & Green Cover Of Our Most Holy and Serene Doongerwadi

For over 300 years now, our Community’s most sacred Dokhma in Mumbai, Doongerwadi (Estb. 1672), which is spread over 55 acres, atop the Malabar Hills area, has been unparalleled in terms of providing solace, serenity and according respect to the deceased as well as mourners. As one of our oldest and most holy structures maintained […]

Lion Daara Patel Is ‘International Director Endorsee’

Senior, eminent member of the Lions Club of Byculla and Sion, Lion Daara Patel was recently elected to the prestigious position of ‘International Director Endorsee’ of District 323-A1, Mumbai at the 27th Annual District Conference, held on 2nd April, 2017, in Mumbai. Current Secretary-General of the pharmaceutical association, ‘Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association’, India (IDMA), Lion […]