Film Review: Hereditary

‘Collateral Damage’… “She wasn’t altogether there at the end,” says Annie Graham (Toni Collette) of her mother, Ellen, while delivering her eulogy. She also describes the departed woman, with whom Annie had a none-too-warm relationship, as ‘secretive’ and ‘private’. Among those attending the funeral are her husband Steve (Gabriel Byrne), teenaged son Peter (Alex Wolff) […]

Film Review: Alien: Covenant

Take an eerie-looking spacecraft (Covenant) hurtling through space towards planet Oregai–6, 15 crew aboard in hyper-sleep along with the 2000 passengers out to colonize a planet, add some of the ghastliest, bloodthirsty creatures — with bloodcurdling screams — designed by VFX specialists, and you have Alien: Covenant. Five years after the prequel Prometheus and almost […]

Film Review: Life

Two kinds of exploration have always intrigued and baffled humans: the mysteries of the deep (oceans) and the secrets of space. Director Daniel Espinosa has helmed this outer-space sci-fi horror thriller of six scientists and astronauts attempting to collect data from Mars. It’s a motley group consisting of hot-headed technician Roy Adams (Ryan Reynolds), the […]

Film Review – Conjuring-2

‘Haunting, A-haunting we go’ is the motto of the master of shocker flicks James Wan, in this sequel to the 2013 ‘Conjuring’. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their earlier roles of wife–husband paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren. The film begins with the couple conducting a séance in Amityville. While on the job, the psychic […]