COVID Deaths In The Community

At least 178 community members have passed away since onset of the coronavirus pandemic (March 2020) in India. Parsiana compiled the death statistics from 11 major Indian locations where significant Parsi populations exist. 105 deaths have been registered in Bombay, obtained from Worli Prayer Hall, where a large number of Covid-19 victims are cremated, though […]

Jamshed Reporter Is First Indian To Win ‘Chairman’s Award of Sales Excellence’

Head of Corporate Sales at Emirates, Jamshed Reporter was felicitated with the ‘Chairman’s Award of Sales Excellence’ in the individual category for the Emirates Group globally. Recognised on an international platform, the award acknowledged Jamshed’s individual and collective achievements contributing to the group’s success and outstanding performance, embodied with their core values of service excellence […]

Scholarships For Chenoy School Students By PCCSL

On the occasion of Secunderabad’s Bai Ratanbai J. Chenoy Parsi High School’s Annual Sports Day on 19th January, 2018, the People’s Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. (PCCSL), Hyderabad, provided scholarships worth Rs.72,460/- to deserving students of the school, in addition to a cheque of Rs. 5,000/- towards teachers’ welfare. The cheques were presented to School Secretary, […]

હૈદ્રાબાદના 112 વર્ષ જૂના બાઈ માણેકબાઈ દરેમહેરનું નવીનીકરણ

હૈદ્રાબાદના 112 વર્ષ જૂના બાઈ માણેકબાઈ દરેમહેરનું નવીનીકરણ કરી દરેમહેરનું ઉદઘાટન થયું ‘યઝશ્ને અને વંદીદાદની ક્રિયાઓ મરહુમ પેરિન કેરસાસ્પ દસ્તુરની યાદમાં તેમની દીકરીઓ મહેર કેરસાસ્પ દસ્તુર અને ફરિદા કેરફેગર આંટિયા અને તેમના ગ્રાન્ડ ચિલ્ડ્રન સનાયા ફરહાદ ચીચગર, ખુશરો કેરફેગર આંટિયા તરફથી એરવદ આદિલ ભેસાનિયા અને એરવદ માહિયાર પંથકી તથા મુંબઈના યોઝદાથ્રેગર મોબેદો દ્વારા કરવામાં આવી […]

Renovated Dar-E-Meher Inaugurated In Hyderabad

The grand 112-year-old, Bai Maneckbai Nusserwanji Chenoy Fire Temple, Hyderabad inaugurated their newly renovated Dar-E-Meher, with the ‘Yazashne’ and ‘Vendidad’ ceremonies being conducted in the memory of Late Perin Kersasp Dastoor, by her daughters, Meher Dastoor and Farida Antia and grandchildren, Sanaea Chichgar and Khushro Antia, and performed by Yaozdathregar Mobeds, Er. Adil Bhesania and […]