Legislation To Designate ‘National Zoroastrian Day’ On Jamshedi Navroz (Vernal Equinox) In USA

Recently, FEZANA member associations, California Zoroastrian Center and Zoroastrian Association of California (ZAC), ably led by Sam Billimoria, held a meeting with California Congressman – J. Luis Correa, to thank him for introducing a legislation to designate a ‘National Zoroastrian Day’ every year, on the day of the Vernal Equinox or Jamshedi Navroz, as is […]


The True Spirit Of Jamshedi Navroz! Dear Readers, It is always endearing to behold the passion with which we display our Parsipanu, especially during our most auspicious days, like Jamshedi Navroze, when many maintain doing ‘sagan’ at our homes, with our own versions of the haft-seen or Navroz table, trying our best to ensure we […]

Sal Mubarak To Our Kadimi Brethren!   Dear Readers, In a couple of days, on Monday, 17th July, our Kadimi brethren will celebrate New Year as per the Kadimi Calendar. For our fun-loving community, which is always ready to celebrate all auspicious occasions – every event is an excuse to feast and enjoy – the […]

કદમી અથવા પ્રાચીન નવું વર્ષ

પારસી ટાઈમ્સ તેના બધા વાંચકોને નવા વર્ષની હૃદયપૂર્વક સાલ મુબારક પાઠવે છે. આ નવું વર્ષ કોમમાં એકતા, શાંતિ, સમૃધ્ધિ અને સુખ લાવીને દરેકના ચહેરા પર સ્મિત કાયમ માટે લાવે તેવી શુભેચ્છા. એક કોમ તરીકે આપણી સંખ્યા ઓછી છે પરંતુ આપણે હમેશા તહેવારની ઉજવણી મોટા પાયે કરીને ‘સાચા બ્લુ બાવાજી’ બનીએ છીએ. આપણા માટે તો દરરોજ […]

DPA Celebrates Jamshedi Navroz

The Delhi Parsi Anjuman (DPA) celebrated Jamshedi Navroz with an annual fund-raiser event at the Pirojsha Godrej Cultural Centre Auditorium, Delhi on 21st March, 2017. For the first time, DPA organised a performance -‘Pappa Avaj Hoi Che’ – by Mumbai’s leading Parsi Theatre Group, Dinyar Contractor Productions, and also had the Gujarati community of Delhi […]

Bharucha Baug Celebrates Jamshedi Navroz

Under the aegis of Bharucha Baug Association (BBA), the Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian Youth of Western Suburbs celebrated Jamshedi Navroz on 20th March, 2017, with a humbandagi, followed by the inauguration of an elaborate Meiz-E-Murad, also known as the ‘Wishing Table’. Following a ‘Khushali-Nu-Jasan’, Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor delivered a discourse on ‘Unity In Our Community’. Chief […]