XYZ Instils Religious, Community Engagement

On 26th May, 2024, the members of XYZ’s Rustom’s Rockstars attended the evening Jashan ceremony held at Soonawalla Agiyari, at Mahim. Next, was an engaging religious lecture by Dr. Er. Parvez Bajan, on: ‘Gambhars – Religious Importance And Significance As Mentioned In Zoroastrian Scriptures’. This was followed by a Machi offered to the Padshah Saheb in Aiwishuthrem Geh, concluding […]

Gratitude To The Wise Creator

As per the Shehenshahi calendar, we are currently observing the holy Dae Mahino. This month is dedicated to the Supreme Divinity (Ahura Mazda), and therefore considered one of the most significant in the Zoroastrian calendar of twelve months. The term Ahura Mazda is translated as Ahura (Lord) and Mazda (Wisdom). More liberally translated, Ahura is ‘Creator’ (and therefore Lord or Master of all creations) […]

Parsee Gym Holds Gala Jamshedi Navroze Celebrations

Over 900 people – members and guests – descended upon Mumbai’s Parsee Gymkhana (PG) on 21st March, 2024, to celebrate the traditional equinoctial festival of Jamshedi Navroze. The occasion was graced by dignitaries – Rahul Narvekar – Hon. Speaker of the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha; Makarand Narvekar – Municipal Corporator (Colaba constituency) and Sir Ron Khalifa […]

Sodarwaterwala Agiary Celebrates 149th Salgreh

Sodarwaterwala Agiary, located at Marine Lines, celebrated its glorious 149th Salgreh since its consecration, on 3rd September, 2023, (Mah Fravardin, Roj Fravardin; 1393 YZ) with a Jashan. The preparations made the Agiary come alive, looking resplendent with its floral decorations and sacred energy. The Afarganyu was placed at the centre, surrounded by sandalwood, malido, fruits […]

Daman’s Newly Renovated Merwanji Navroji Manekji Dar-e-Meher Holds Khushali-nu-Jashan

The Shree Daman Vapi Parsi Jarthosty Anjuman organised a ‘Khushali nu Jashan’, at the recently refurbished Merwanji Navroji Manekji Dar-e-Meher, in Daman, on 15th July, 2023 (Roj Shehrevar, Mah Asfandarmad; 1392 YD). The extensive restoration of the Dar-e-Meher was facilitated by the munificence and generosity of donors – Dadachanji Group of Companies, represented by Kairus […]