Know Your Bombay

Khanderi Sea Island It is an island with a fort, located 20 kms South of Mumbai, along the coast of Maharashtra. Initially uninhabited, in 1679, Khanderi was occupied by the forces of Shivaji, who built the Khanderi Fort, which was subsequently ceded in 1818 to the British. The fort is a restricted area, falling under the jurisdiction […]

Know Your Bombay!

Agripada: Names like Nagpada and Agripada are of South Indian origin, signifying a hamlet. This district was once occupied by the ‘Agris’ or cultivators. The Agris of Bombay, were divided into three kinds – the ‘Bhat Agris’ or rice cultivators; ‘Mitta Agris’ or salt manufacturers; and ‘Bhaji-pala Agris’ or vegetable cultivators. Agripada is also connected […]