Team Committed To Community

Hoshang J B Jal Committed as your ‘Full Time Trustee’, assuring unconditional availability all through the week. A meritorious career spanning 35 years in the Indian Civil Service (IRS) as Asst. Commissioner, felicitated with the prestigious Presidential Award for ‘Specially Distinguished Record of Service’. Areas Of Focus: Protection of Sacred Doongerwadi Land; Re-examine and resolve […]

Team ‘Committed To Community’

–  ‘Building Trust, Rebuilding Credibility’  – Team ‘Committed To Community’ comprises four community stalwarts – Kersi Randeria, Lion Daara Patel, Hoshang Jal and Dr. Adil Malia – who will contest the BPP Elections as one team of like-minded individuals, who ‘think independently but work unitedly’ towards ‘Building Trust’ within the community and ‘Rebuilding Credibility’ of […]