Meherbai’s Mandli Plans New Food-Venture!

The khanar-pinar, farnar-harnar Mandli members wanted a new gastronomic adventure. Lunches, breakfasts, and tea-parties were all old-hat and under Meherbai’s influence, the entire Mandli was into healthy living by not eating anything after sunset. Hence, Meherwanji, the ever-supporting, fun-loving husband suggested a farsan and mithai party at their home, which was welcomed by the young, full of life members (all over 80).   […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Goes Down Memory Lane

Meherbai gave a ‘Nostalgia Party’ for her Mandli and even served nostalgic food, like Kumas, Saandhra, Popatji, Malido, Varadh-varaa, Taari-Na-Bhakhra, Khaman-Ladoos, which hardly anyone prepares these days.   Keki Khadro: Meherbai, I haven’t had breakfast today, so can we have an early lunch? Meherbai: You mean brunch? Keki: Brunch, punch, bunch, lunch – call it what you want! Keki’s Khadhri […]

Spiritual Consciousness Of Ganesha

Spiritual consciousness is omnipresent, yet we are oblivious to it. It’s all around us, but few find it. Why? Because the monkey-mind needs to focus on our physical plane through which we can reach spiritual consciousness, especially in troubled times (vighna). This is where the lovable trouble-shooter Ganesha (vighnaharta) steps in. Ancient Indian literature, spiritually and historically refers to […]