APPEAL – A Masina Hospital Initiative

Need Of The Hour: Supporting And Facilitating The Medical Fraternity  In Facing The Challenges Posed By COVID-19 (A Masina Hospital Initiative) Humanity is presently fighting a fierce battle to defeat the contagion of the dreaded Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). WZO Trust Funds have, in their own modest manner, assisted by supporting Masina Hospital (Byculla, Mumbai), in […]

Hamazor – Need Of The Hour

‘Hamazor’ is a ritual handshake, a ritual that unites two persons in prayers symbolizing unanimity, determination, solidarity and resoluteness of purpose. It promotes spiritual synergy. The word ‘Hamazor’ is a compound of two words, ‘Hama’ meaning in unison or all together, and ‘Zor’ meaning strength. There is strength in unity. Today, our community is divided […]