Religious Insights With Bomi Sachinwalla

. PT: What is an ‘Atash Kadeh’? Sachinwalla: The real source of an Atash Kadeh consists of ‘Kadim Ahurtekesh Mazdayasni Zarathustrian Dean’, with each word having its own meaning and significance. ‘Kadim’ means, ‘no beginning, no end, something which is infinite’, ‘Ahurtekesh’ signifies, ‘from the conscious of Ahura Mazda’, ‘Mazdayasni’ stands for the ‘One, who […]

Why I Gave Up On Religion And Embraced Spirituality – A Millennial’s Approach

A teenager usually has a myriad chores and obligations that he/she might have to fulfil, be it academic, social or extra-curricular. Religion, spirituality and thought under normal circumstances are of no apparent aid. They appear to be ubiquitously used, yet are paradoxical and loosely defined concepts that seem to be growing seemingly distant from the […]