Film Review: Searching

Originally planned as a seven-minute short (by the director’s own admission), former Google executive Aneesh Chaganty has helmed a rather impressive film in his debut feature outing. The title alludes to a father’s frantic hunt for his missing 16-year-old daughter. It was a happy threesome until David Kim’s (John Cho) wife passes away after a […]

Dr. Mickey Mehta Presents

‘Go Green Wellness Treats, To Connect With 7 Billion Heart Beats’!!! . Celebrating his 50-something Birthday, our 30-something-looking health guru, India’s Wellness Maestro, Dr. Mickey Mehta, shares his Ten Commandments: Mickey Mehta’s initiative for a Disease-Free world. Mickey Mehta’s Wellness Revolution for Human Evolution Mickey Mehta says: ‘Let wellness be the Religion No. 1’ Mickey Mehta says: ‘Medicine Cures, Nature heals!’ Mickey Mehta says: ‘Sleep […]

Coping With Anxiety

What a wonderful place the world would be if everyone worked in harmony and everything went as planned. Instead, we subsist as modern day warriors, living from situation to situation, planning and expecting things to work as per plan. When they don’t, we worry, oblivious to how worry takes over our mind, making us fret […]

War Is Mass Insanity

Life is struggle. Thou, Ahura Mazda, has ordained that man shall always fight ignorance, destitution, disease and vice. Man, in his madness, fights man instead. Man is all men’s brother, as woman is all women’s sister. Yet every man is against his fellow-men and a neighbour gnashes his teeth on his neighbour. Man has organized […]

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Your Monthly Numero-Tarot

January (Lucky Number- 1; Lucky Tarot Card- Magician): The divine energy blesses you this month. A favourable time for those who wish to start a partnership. You could buy new property or renovate existing ones. Your confidence is your greatest strength. Clear your confusions. February January (Lucky Number- 10; Lucky Tarot Card- Justice): Fortune favours you this month. […]

Mani Mulla Wins ‘Dignity Dance Icon 2018’

78-year-old, Mani Mulla recently bagged the ‘Dignity Dance Icon 2018’ title at the ‘Dignity Icon’ competition held at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Mumbai on 14th August, 2018. Orchestrated to celebrate the singing and dancing talent among the senior citizens of Mumbai, the competition witnessed over three hundred and fifty participants, with only twenty-four contestants reaching the […]