Angel Sarosh Yazad – Part I

PT: What is the literal meaning of ‘Sarosh Yazad’? What does the name signify? Er. Karanjia: The name ‘Sarosh’ literally means obedience, taken from the Avesta root word ‘sru’, meaning ‘to hear, to obey.’ Ahura Mazda entrusted Sarosh Yazad with the responsibility of protecting the material world and human beings, hence he presides over our […]

Though Invisible Thyself, Thou Art All-Seeing, Ahura Mazda

Thou art invisible and none can see Thee. Invisibility is the chief characteristic of Thy spirituality, Ahura Mazda. Though present everywhere, Thou art unseen anywhere. Thy invisibility hides Thee from all eyes, human and divine. The Amesha Spentas and Yazatas, Thy archangels and angels, see Thee not. The souls of righteous dead behold Thee not. […]