Dr. Cyres Mehta Awarded ‘Fellow Of The Collegium Of AIOS’ At Annual Conference

Dr. Cyres Mehta, the nation’s leading Ophthalmologist, reckoned globally for his unparalleled genius and breakthroughs in the field of professional eye-care, was felicitated with the prestigious title: ‘Fellow Of The Collegium’ at the 81st Annual Conference of the All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS – India’s most prominent Ophthalmological association), which was held at the Grand […]

‘Know Your Religion’ Dharmagnan Class At MJ Wadia Hall

The ‘Know Your Religion’ religious classes, organised by the Trustees of M J Wadia Agiary and Hilla Towers, at M J Wadia Agiary Hall, witnessed twenty-three children attending the session to pray and learn about Zoroastrian religion and scriptures, on 16th December, 2018. The session witnessed the narration of various stories from Shahnameh and an […]