Of Collectors And Care-Taking

. There is no greater joy than building a collection of music, particularly after you have heard parts somewhere, found it attractive and sought out the best version. Today, we live in the golden age of listening. More music is available in abbreviated formats, like CDs and digitally uploading files from collections and friends who have libraries […]

Shehrevar – The Month To Celebrate Divine Strength And Righteous Power

. Shehrevar (Avestan Khshathra vairya) is the sixth month of the Zoroastrian calendar and represents Ahura Mazda’s ‘desirable dominion’. It is the Amesha Spenta or Archangel presiding over metals and minerals. Shehrevar’s qualities are strength and power and Shehrevar uses both these qualities righteously to bring peace and Ahura Mazda’s ‘desirable dominion’ in this world. […]