ZWAS Spread Joy At Old Age Homes

Spreading smiles among Surat’s senior citizens, the dynamic ZWAS (Zoroastrian Women’s Assembly of Surat) ladies brought much joy to the residents of the Nariman Parsi Infirmary, as also to its sister community. The young at heart silvers at the Matoshri Vruddhashram (Adajan, Surat) and Ashra Old Age Home (City Light, Surat), were overjoyed as the […]


Be The ‘Silver’ Lining Dear Readers, Our community is blessed with a large ratio of seniors, comprising nearly 40% of our overall population. While some are fortunate to live happily with their families and are taken care of, many find themselves succumbing to loneliness, scarcity and depression. It’s important that we care for our silvers […]

Jehan Irani Scores 3 Silvers At ICN India, Qualifies For ICN Universe Korea

 Jehan Darayush Irani, Mumbai-based fitness coach and natural athlete, won three silver medals across three categories – ‘Men’s Bodybuilding’; ‘Men’s Physique’; and ‘Classic Physique’ – at the ‘I Compete Natural’ (ICN) India, the Indian chapter of the body-building and fitness competition, on 27th May, 2023. He also won the ‘Champion Posing’ award and has been selected […]