Caption This – 3rd December

Calling all our readers to caption this picture! Winning Caption and Winner’s Name Will Be Published Next Week. Send in your captions at by 7th December 2022. WINNER: DOGGY: Why are we practising to field and take catches?? CAT: The way our Cricket Team is playing, we might be replacing them in the future matches! By Dezadd […]

Meher Bhandara Pioneers Technology That Makes Water From Air

Mumbai’s Meher Bhandara has been at the forefront of launching a pioneering technology that makes water out of air. 67-year-old Meher is one of the founders of WaterMaker (India) Pvt Ltd, an organisation that manufactures ‘Atmospheric Water Generators’ (AWG), which employs a technology that uses optimised dehumidification techniques to extract and condense moisture in the […]