Meherbai Plans A Vacation

It was the month of May, hot as hell and all Meherbai’s friends were abroad on vacation. “Marerey!  Sorabji Shakespeare was so right about the middle of May being hot and stuffy when he wrote ‘Beware The Ides Of May!’”, she said. “Arreyrey!  What ‘Gotala Ma Goss’ you are doing! It is ‘Beware the Ides of March’.” “March […]

Mystical Manali

Mumbaikars! Imagine lounging on a deck chair on the side of a river, feet dipped in cool mountain spring water, day time temperatures hovering around the 18 degree Celsius mark, a cool refreshing drink in hand and the sound of busy birds ringing in your ears. Then, the ding-dong of the doorbell violently pierces through […]

Monsoon Masti

Isn’t there a connection between the earthy scent that emanates from the soil when touched by the first raindrops, and the nostalgia it triggers? The word describing that scent is ‘Petrichor’. Now if one were to forage the length and breadth of this concrete jungle for that perfect patch of soiled paradise, replete with nature’s […]

Activity School Goes To Turkey

By P.T. Reporter Khushnuma Dubash Twenty-two children of Activity High School leant the real essence of ‘Unity in Diversity’ by grabbing the opportunity to perform at the International Folk Festival in Turkey. With over thirty counties participating in showcasing their authentic folk dances, the children from Activity School were proud representatives of Team India. The […]

A Beautiful Sunset at Harnai Beach

હરનાઈની સફર નરેન્દ્ર અગ્રવાલ સાથે

જ્યારે આપણે રેતાળ સમુદ્ર કિનારાનો વિચાર કરીએ ત્યારે આપણી નજર સમક્ષ સૌપ્રથમ આવે છે ગોવા. હા ગોવાનો દરિયા કિનારો, સફેદ રેતાળ દરિયાકિનારો અને સોનેરી સૂર્યાસ્ત, ગોવામાં રતન જેવા ઘણા જ સુંદર રેતાળ દરિયા કિનારાઓ છે અને આવું જ એક સુંદર મણી જેવું છે ‘હરનાઈ’. મુંબઈથી હરનાઈ ૨૩૦ કિલોમીટર દૂર છે. મુંબઈથી જૂના મુંબઈ ગોવાના બાય […]