Zarthost – No – Diso

Every year Dae Mahino and Khorshed Roj is observed as Zarthost-No-Diso, i.e. the day our beloved prophet, Zarthustra left the earthly, mortal life. This year the day falls on Tuesday, the 24th of May, 2016. Considered as the first Prophet the world has seen, Zarthustra worked amongst the people, bringing peace and happiness to all. […]

Young Achiever Sanaya Gandhi

Parsi Times congratulates 12-year-old Sanaya Gandhi from Thane, who achieved an All India First Class First Rank in the Maths Olympiad at the Primary Level (V/VI Classes) and subsequently has been awarded the Ramanujan Scholarship. A student of Vasant Vihar School, Sanaya currently in the sixth grade, is passionate about Mathematics and possesses a flair […]


World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) was again proud to join hands with Holiday Program for Youth (HPY) to conduct a workshop for about 180 youngsters on Monday, 16 May 2016 at J.B. Vatcha High School for Parsi Girls, Dadar. The young participants were introduced to Mumbai Chapter Chairman, Adi Siganporia, who stated that Industry […]

Chuggging Down The (Song) Tracks

2015 marked 160 years since Western Railway (erstwhile Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway) as we know it, was inaugurated; 145 years since Churchgate station originated; and 18th December marked 85 years since Bombay Central was established as a station! In an interesting and amusing review, Hoshang Katrak ‘tracks’ a few train-based songs in Hindi […]

Mystical Manali

Mumbaikars! Imagine lounging on a deck chair on the side of a river, feet dipped in cool mountain spring water, day time temperatures hovering around the 18 degree Celsius mark, a cool refreshing drink in hand and the sound of busy birds ringing in your ears. Then, the ding-dong of the doorbell violently pierces through […]