Speechless, Not Voiceless – Laws Safeguarding Rights Of Stray Animals

Animals are driven by instinct and all their actions/reactions have reasons. Yet, some consider animals a nuisance for soiling the building premises or being dangerous as they bite or simply because they are noisy! Compassion towards other beings is the key to harmony amongst all, and stray animals need it the most. The Following Laws […]

Making A Mark

Buddy was a happy dog with a zest for life. A quick learner, the Boxer had toilet trained himself within a fortnight. So it came as a surprise to his owners when Buddy one day nonchalantly lifted a leg and anointed the dining room table. Puzzled with the change in behaviour, his owners consulted a […]


On 1st October, 2016, Irani Zoroastrians across the globe celebrate the festival of ‘Mehrgan’ (Meher roj, Meher mah), which honours the ‘Yazata of Mehr’ since the Persian era. In ancient Iran, celebrations were held when the name of the month coincides with the name of the day. The word ‘Meher’ or ‘Mithra’ means Sun and friendship and is also one of […]

DTGEM Awards Firdos Shroff

Lion Prof. Dr. Firdos Shroff was awarded ‘Distinguished Teacher of Global Excellence – Management’ Award at the ‘Sankalp 2016’ conference organized by the ‘Management Teachers Consortium (MTC) Global: Apex Global Advisory Body in Management Education’ on 16th and 17th September, 2016. Held in Bangalore, Dr. Shroff was also invited as the keynote speaker, who enlightened […]