Film Review: FUDDU

The trend of last-minute insertion of an item song — by saleable artistes — during the end credits is a fairly new phenomenon. In Fuddu, the filmmakers need not have bothered with Sunny Leone and Sharman Joshi. The opening shot of the film gives the viewers a hint of the ensuing couple of hours. 44 […]

Poor Weight In Children

One out of six children (roughly 10 crore) in developing countries is underweight. Most parents’ concern makes them wonder if something is wrong with their child’s growth. While some children grow slower because of genetics, others have a growth disorder – usually symbolised by inadequate gain in height or weight. Growth Chart For Mapping Your […]

Pet Puja: Un-Leash!

There was fun, music, decorations, dogs and over 400 people attending this fabulous event in Colombo! Dogs played with other dogs, pet-parents socialised, and onlookers watched amazed as children ran around in glee! At the carnival – Unleash – the dogs got to try their skills on the fun agility equipment- jumping over hurdles, crawling […]