Moms Will Be Moms!!

Moms really don’t care much about who you are… to your mom, you will always be the child that needs to be told what to do! Check Out Mom-talk that some celebs probably had to endure… .   Mona Lisa’s Mom: “After all that money your father and I spent on your braces, is that […]

Tanya’s Athletic Glory!

11-year-old Tanya Vakil of JB Vachha High School, made her parents, BPP Athletic Coaches and her Principal Banoo Makoojina proud at the recently held  Annual Athletic Meet in her school, where she bagged five gold medals and was crowned ‘Individual Champion’, ‘Best Athlete of the Meet’ and awarded ‘The Most Promising Athlete’ trophy.

The Cluster Phenomenon

There is a ‘cluster-phenomenon’ in the study and research of re-incarnation which defies explanation. At infrequent periods in history, several geniuses appear at the same time. Usually they know each other. Their fame lasts through centuries. Then, a century or two later, another cluster of talented men dominate the scene, and like comets, they disappear […]

Your Way To Homeopathy – II

. Q.:  I’m a 41-year-old teacher. I tend to burp excessively. Can this be treated with homeopathy? Dr. Batra:  Burping could be due to several reasons, the commonest being swallowing of air while eating or drinking hurriedly or by the intake of carbonated drinks. It may also be caused by anti-diabetic drugs and other medical […]

Energy And Physical Healing

Our emotions often determine our health. It is said that all health issues are first reflected in our aura. If we’re able to deal with these, we’re able to handle the issue in that auric layer itself. We can then avoid most health challenges. But this is easier said than done. Invariably all of us […]