Steiner’s Education: A New Outlook

Anthroposophy is an inclusive science touching upon fields including education, medicine, social sciences, agriculture and the art of Eurythmy (an expressive movement art used in education, for claimed therapeutic purposes). Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925), an Austrian philosopher, scientist and initiate, was the founder of Anthroposophy, a spiritual science and a path of knowledge […]

Chomp And Cheers: With Malbari Mutton Korma, Salted Caramel Panna Cotta And Pomberry Mojito

. Malbari Mutton Korma: The highlight of delicious Malbari cuisine, this korma is a rich and creamy curry flavoured with choice spices. Ingredients: 500g   Mutton; 2 big, sliced -Onion; 1½ tsp. each,  crushed – Ginger and Garlic; 2-3 slit – Green Chilly; 2 -Cardamom; 1 – medium piece Cinnamon; 2 – Cloves; ½ tbsp. – […]

Bengallee Girls High School Annual Prize Distribution

On 25th January, 2017 Bengallee Girls High School celebrated their annual prize distribution function at Tejpal Auditorium, Mumbai. The event was attended by Trustees and Members of the Managing Committee of The Parsee Girls’ School Association including Minoo Bilimoria, President and ex-officio Accountant; Kersi Commissariat, Hon. Treasurer; and members Prof. (Dr.) Pearl Pastakia and Jimmy […]

BIDM Holds Art Competition

The Bombay Institute Of Deaf Mutes (BIDM) at Mazgaon held a drawing and colouring competition which was conducted at the Experiment In International Living, Bombay Center. Held under the leadership of Community Chairperson of the Bombay Chapter, Dr. Lily K Mistry, the competition’s theme was ‘National Integration’ and saw a hundred and forty participants divided […]

From The Editor’s Desk

Three Cheers To Our Fab Four! Dear Readers, What a proud and inspirational start to the year to see our Parsis and Zarthostis being honored for their brilliant achievements globally and nationally! Hats off to our Mumbai’s very own Padma Shri Dr. Tehemton Udwadia for being conferred yet another prestigious, top civilian honour – The […]