Dr. Zuleika Homavazir Receives ‘Young Woman Educator and Scholar Award’

On the occasion of Women’s Day, Educationist and Head of Department of Management Studies at Wilson College, Dr. Zuleika Homavazir was one amongst the twenty-six selected educationists from  all over the country to receive ‘The Young Woman Educator and Scholar Award’, presented (in absentia) by ‘National Foundation of Entrepreneurship Development’, in Coimbatore. The award is […]

Be Stress-Free Before Exams!

I’m scared, I’m worried, my stomach hurts. These are the typical symptoms children show at the time of exams due to stress – worried about completing the portions and getting good grades. Just before exams, children undergo several stress situations including mind-blocks, numbness, anger, snappiness etc. The stress reaches its pitch just before the exams, […]

Summer Colds

Bombay, Pune, Nagpur and Ahmedabad are some of the cities that hit record temperatures during summer – going above 35˚-36˚C! This season calls for drinking more water, especially with Mumbai’s sultry weather when we tend to sweat excessively. The desire to cool ourselves with cold drinks, faloodas, ice-creams and carbonated water has a disastrous effect […]

Know Your Bombay!

Churchgate: Officially known as Veer Nariman Street, the origin of the name Churchgate is dated back to 18th century. The term ‘church’ came from St. Thomas Church located half a kilometre away from the railway station and the term, ‘gate’ owes its origin to a gate that was located on the spot where Flora Fountain […]