EIL, Lions Club Organise Workshop

On 12th September, 2017, Experiment in International Living (EIL) and Lions Club International organised a twinning meeting between three NGO’s – EIL (Bombay Centre), Lions Club International and Lions Club Bombay. Community Chairperson, EIL Bombay Centre and Lions Executive Chairperson, Dr. Lily Mistry, presided over the meeting, along with President of the Premier Lions Club of India, […]

Chomp And Cheers: Parsi Prawn Curry

Parsi Prawn Curry Ingredients: 20gms. Peanut Raw; 3gms. Green Chilli; 2gms. Black Pepper; 12gms. White Sesame Seeds; 15gms. Khus Khus; 25gms. Cashew Nut; 2gms. Cloves; 70gms. Grated Coconut; 50gms. Kasmhiri Chilli; 4gms. Cinnamon; 3gms. Green Cardamom; 14gms. Coriander Whole; 25gms. Garlic; 125gms. Onion; 150gms. Tomato; 3gms. Curry Leaves; 10gms. Parsi Sambar Masala; 500gms. Prawns; 20gms. […]