XYZ’s ‘Positivity with Family’ Workshop

On 24th September, 2017, twenty children of XYZ’s Jamshed’s Giants (JG) group attended a workshop on ‘Positivity with Family’, conducted by Kerafrid Damania, which commenced with a very creative introductory session, where children introduced themselves using a positive adjective that aptly described their personality. This was followed by short skits where children enacted the challenges […]

Review: CRD

Exponential, experimental and surreal are the three apt adjectives to describe a film of the unslottable genre – CRD. Set against the backdrop  of the Purushottam inter-collegiate drama festival  (a real-life event in Pune), CRD is a film one could watch again and again or simply wish it away,  depending on your penchant for theatre. […]