From The Editor's Desk

From The Editor’s Desk

Looking Forward… Are you someone who wakes up looking forward to something every day? Or does your daily life function with routine-passivity, like it’s on auto-pilot? One of the unfailing keys to happiness is having something to look forward to. And anticipating something fun means you enjoy that happy experience for longer, even before it’s […]

Ripple Effects

    Making Time To Smell The Roses!   “Honnneeeeey, did you see my red stripped tie?  It’s not in the cupboard!” “Mommmmm, where are my socks?  I need them for the football – quickly!” “Baai, apne ghee kahan rakha? Rotli ke liye chahiye” …Is this how people around you sound? Everyone asking the whereabouts […]

BPP Connect

The Alliance Is Back On Track! After the advent of Universal Adult Franchise it is inevitable that a certain amount of political savvy will enter into the campaigning strategies of any community member desirous of serving the Community as a Trustee. Consequently, it is only natural that not all Trustees will be in agreement on […]