29th Year Of Muktad Celebrated In California

I sincerely thank you all for your participation in the solemn Muktad ceremony thus making our efforts more worthwhile, and for giving us the opportunity to advance spiritually by satisfying your spiritual needs for the 29th Muktad ceremony in  Southern California, and the 4th at our ZAC Atashkadeh. For the previous 25 years, the Muktad ceremonies were conducted at our home (Bhandara residence), it was also my 48th […]

Farhad Sahiar Awarded John A. Tamisiea Award By AMA

On 26th August, 2020, Farhad Sahiar, M.D., M.S., FAsMA, received the 2020 John A. Tamisiea Award for his dedication to the advancement of aerospace medicine, by the Aerospace Medical Association (AMA). His career has spanned many years and many facets of aerospace medicine and his contributions to this field have been substantial.  This award was established and sponsored by the Civil […]