Parsi Times brings you the weekly schedule of WZCC’s Webinars which have been conducted through the epidemic and have greatly benefitted community members worldwide, with their insightful, informative and highly beneficial sessions, with speakers who are authorities in their respective fields. Our very own tech-guru, Yazdi Tantra has been holding a series of Zoom Meetings […]

Letters to the Editor

Re: Intercaste Marriages In The Community We all wish, our children marry within our fold to ensure greater compatibility, stability and happiness in their married lives, and to safeguard the dignity and acceptance of their children. A social stigma exists in our community for inter-caste married ladies and their innocent children. Even so, there is a steep rise […]

Parsi Embroidery: A Heritage Of Humanity – IV

. Several elders across Gujarat, recall Chinese men on bicycles who sold garas by the weight. The heavier garas, with more embroidery, were more expensive. Over the years, a close relationship developed with their clients. The Chinese would leave their heavy bundles on a particular veranda during their visits. In the heat of the afternoon, […]

Back Up Now!

The human body is a perfect example of engineering at its best. The spine, in particular, poses as the perfect model for engineering and architecture students to understand how a good design can provide optimum performance of weight bearing, extreme degrees of mobility with strong stability, while protecting the delicate structure encased within. And in […]