Finding Your ‘Ikigai’

‘Ikigai’ – you’ve probably heard or seen the word. Or, maybe you’ve seen the multi-circle Venn diagram. A while ago, this book, ‘Ikigai’, with the serenely beautiful blue cover and a stylistic cherry blossom, started doing the rounds and immediately became a Los Angeles Times bestseller. Ikigai (pronounced ‘eye-ka-guy’) became a topic of conversation and […]

Iranian Zoroastrians Observe Azargan Online Due To Pandemic

The annual festival of ‘Azargan’, which was on November 23, 2020 (Manouchehr Arghavani), was celebrated online this year due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic which has gripped the world. In ancient Iran, Azargan was practiced along with other major national festivals like Noruz, Mehregan, and Arghavani. The head of Yazd Zoroastrians Association shared that […]