Caption This – 24th July

Calling all our readers to caption this picture! Winning Caption and Winner’s Name Will Be Published Next Week. Send in your captions at by 28th July 2021. WINNER: Shilpa Shetty: We’ll rename ‘porn’ as ‘erotica’, things will be just Super,                           Bhale hi naak […]

From the Editors Desk

Greater Community Engagement Needed With Our Luminaries Dear Readers, We often find ourselves participating in discussions which lament how our community today simply can’t compare with the greatness and the glory of our illustrious forefathers… that our predecessors were a different breed altogether when it came to their values, principals, dedication and achievements… that they […]

SOAS PhD Survey: ‘Zoroastrians-By-Choice’ And ‘Zoroastrians-By-Birth’

PhD student, Ruzbeh Hodiwala, has been conducting research on the ‘Zoroastrians-By-Choice’ and their interactions with ‘Zoroastrians-By-Birth’, under the supervision of Dr. Almut Hintze, the Zartoshty Brothers Professor of Zoroastrianism, and Dr. Arshin Abid-Moghaddam, Professor in Global Thought and Comparative Philosophies at SOAS, University of London. Ruzbeh has began researching the ‘Zoroastrians-By-Choice’ since 2015 and has […]