Converting Leave & License To Tenancy Is A Pre-Election Gimmick

Well known author and journalist Christopher Hitchens once said, “The only people truly bound by campaign promises are the voters who believe them.” This is indeed a profound truth. Universally and not just within our community, smooth and sweet-talking politicians make tall promises leaving voters feeling short changed post elections. Right now, some candidates have […]

Team CTC’s Vision And 10 Commandments

With the basic aim of ‘Building Trust, Rebuilding Credibility’, Team CTC, comprising Kersi Randeria, Dr. Adil Malia, Lion Daara Patel, Hoshang Jal and Er. CA Farhad Hozdar, shares its Vision via its ‘10 Commandments’, broadly covering its Objectives as under: HOUSING: Even as Housing is a much discussed and much debated subject and for obvious […]