Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss: Is It A Fad?

Trishala Chopra is an alternative medicine specialist commanding a decade of success in managing Diabetes, Obesity, PCOD/PCOS, Metabolic Disorders, Gut-health and Sleep-disorders. As a Health Coach, Dr. Trishala empowers your body’s potential to heal itself through a balanced ‘Gut-Mind-Body’ approach so you achieve your wellness goals, while making self-care a fun and fulfilling experience. To […]

Kadimi Saal Mubarak!

Throughout recorded history, Persians have been keen on the idea and importance of a calendar. The first fully preserved calendar belongs to the Achaemenid period.  In fact, ancient Persians were among the earliest cultures to use a solar calendar, instead of a lunar calendar. The sun, after all, was a religious and divine symbol of […]