Walk Away!

Sometimes you just need to walk away. Walk away from those selfish, self-engrossed individuals whose toxicity drains your aura. Walk away from people who do not consider your needs, wants or well-being. Walk away from individuals whose beliefs and opinions do not align with yours. Walk away not to teach them a lesson, but because […]


Adar Mahino, Adar Roj Mubarak! Dear Readers, Today – Adar Mahino, Adar Roj – marks one of the most auspicious days of all in the Parsi calendar, being the birth anniversary of our most holy fire, or Atash-nu-Parab. Adar Mahino is looked upon as the most propitious month, signifying the birth-month of the very core […]

GCZT Launches Newsletter

The inaugural newsletter of the Global Council of Zoroastrians Trust (GCZT) was recently launched. The 24-page newsletter covers various news events and highlights the various areas of work and collaboration happening at GCZT. The mission of GCZT is to offer a platform to the Zoroastrian Community to come together and work together for the wellbeing […]

Dr. Adil Dalal’s Speaks On ‘Converting Stress to Peak Performance’

By Vahisté Sinor Dr. Adil Dalal, DBA, CEO – Pinnacle Process Solutions, Intl., and an award-winning, global transformative leader, recently shared his expertise in an titled ‘Stress to Success: Empowering Global Leaders for Peak Performance’, organized by Prism Healing Institute, on 4th April, 2024, at the offices of Nishith Desai Associates, one of India’s leading […]

Historical Snippets Of The Ever-Migrating Parsis

Adil J. Govadia In the 14th and 15th centuries ACE, Navsari was a thriving nerve center for all Parsi-Zoroastrians in India, considered to be the Dharam-ni-Tekdi (religious seat for Parsi priesthood). Although prosperous, flourishing and politically secure, the Navsari Parsis were unfortunately faced with various calamities, particularly the two vicious famines in 1630-31 and 1718-19; […]