Keep Evolving As You Age

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, described the curve of a lifetime, as divided in half. The first half symbolizes friendships, love, marriage and children; while the second half is a time for finding the deeper meaning of life. In short, YOU have to find your own path in the second innings of your life. […]

From God-Fearing To God-Loving

Dear Readers, “I’m a God-fearing person,” is a common statement most of us proudly proclaim, like we are brandishing some divine reference which instantly abolishes any potential of doubt or mistrust that anyone may hold against us… simply because we fear God! But then, don’t they say, it’s the guilty who are afraid? Now I’m […]

A Peek Into Heaven And Hell

After the invasion of Alexander and the fall of the mighty Achaemenian Empire, the Zoroastrian religion had a setback. The Greeks tried hard to Hellenize Iran and impose their beliefs and culture on the Iranian people. To some extent, they succeeded. However, some provinces like Pars continued to offer stiff resistance. Soon followed the rise […]

Parsi Pride Brigade

PT’s Parsi Pride Brigade celebrates the academic performances of our young achievers who have triumphed in the Board exams, across schools and colleges. We are delighted to feature our bright sparks who make our community proud! We invite you to celebrate your success too with our community and feature in PT’s Parsi Pride Brigade! Mail us […]