Global Working Group Renews Amelioration And Welfare Scheme of Senior Mobeds And Widows of Senior Mobeds

Community members are aware that Global Working Group (GWG) – comprising the elected Parsi Irani Zoroastrian Federations, Associations in countries that do not have Federations and some prominent Zoroastrians – in keeping with the economic challenges faced by Mobeds (Priests) and widows of Mobeds, 60 years and above – had, due to the initiative and efforts […]

Animal Welfare And Rescue Efforts (AWARE Foundation) E – 30655

Established in 2014, the AWARE (Animal Welfare And Rescue Efforts) Foundation, has been committed to the welfare and rescue of stray animals and has been conducting numerous activities including Feeding stray animals; Veterinary First Aid, Trauma Care, Spaying, Neutering and Immunization Against Rabies and other infectious diseases. AWARE is operational primarily in South Mumbai and […]

Support Animal Welfare With JeevaMitra!

In the past, Parsi Times appealed to our community members to aid ‘JeevaMitra’- a Learning Space Foundation initiative by Genevieve Dubash, that provides food and shelter to stray animals. Parsi Times readers will be delighted to know that their generous donations contributed towards raising Rs. 5,25,000/- as part of ‘JeevaMitra’s Phase I’ initiative. These funds were […]