WZCC Explores ‘GST’

One of India’s major reforms which is the buzzword on most of our lips today – the Goods and Services Tax or GST, which is expected to transform India’s economy favorably, was discussed at WZCC’s (World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce) event on 23rd June, 2017 at the Indian Merchant’s Chamber, Mumbai. Eighty participants increased their […]

WZCC Visit To Mustang Socks

Having recently honored entrepreneur and Founder of Mustang Socks and Accessories, Naazneen Katrak, thirty members of World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) decided to visit her factory at Palghar and check out the colorful and well-designed products. Naazneen established her venture in 1987 and gradually turned it into a successful business, selling one million pairs […]

WZCC Holds 13th AGM

World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) Indian recently held its 13th Annual General Meeting on 24th September, 2016 in Mumbai. Capt. Percy Master, President-India Region kicked off the AGM with a welcome address, followed by a talk by Edul Daver, WZCC-Global President, from New York, emphasizing how business is a two-way street and WZCC should […]