Er. Zarrir Bhandara Delivers Invocation At Orange County City Council – Felicitated For His Services –

Er. Mobed Zarrir Bhandara, who heads the Zoroastrian Association of California Atash kadeh, was invited by the Mayor of Orange City (California, USA) to deliver the invocation during the Epiphany Session, at their upcoming City Council meeting, on 9th January, 2024. This historic gesture celebrated the diverse tapestry of religious beliefs in the city while […]

Vada Dasturji Khurshed Performs Jasan at ZAC

On 3rd September, 2017, Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor performed a Jasan at the ZAC (Zoroastrian Association of California) Atashkadeh in Orange City, Southern California, along with ZAC’s officiating priest – Zarrir Bhandara; President of North American Mobeds Council (NAMC) – Er. Ardaviraf Minocherhomji; Minoo Katrack, Dr. Khusro Unwalla, Fariborz Shahzadi and Zerkxis Bhandara. The jasan […]

DhunMai Dalal Passes Away

On 3rd July, 2017, California’s Zoroastrian community lost a stalwart philanthropist, who served the North American and Global Zoroastrian community for three decades, with the passing away of DhunMai Dalal. A long-time resident of Southern California, DhunMai held various positions and roles at the ZAC (Zoroastrian Association of California) and FEZANA (Federation of Zoroastrian Associations […]

‘Freedom Sculpture’ Based On Cyrus’ Cylinder Unveiled In Santa Monica

As crowds across the USA celebrated Independence Day on 4th July, 2017, Santa Monica Boulevard (Los Angeles) unveiled the ‘Freedom Sculpture’, a magnificent public art installation inspired by ancient Persia’s eminent archaeological artefact, the historical Cyrus Cylinder – meant to celebrate the ‘ideals of freedom, respect for diversity, and inclusiveness’. Unveiled by prominent Iranian developer […]