Alexandra Girls Inst. Hosts Exciting Inter-school Fest

On 1st December, 2023, the Alexandra Girls’ English Institution hosted a day-long, spirited inter-school fest – ‘Alexcellencia – A Gateway to Excellence’. 14 schools across Mumbai showcased their students’ talents to compete for the Overall Best School trophy, with around 350 entries spread over 20 different categories including Street Play, Singstravaganza, Junior Picasso, Inkovation, Spell […]


In Support Of Our Entrepreneurs Dear Readers, Our community is known and respected for having produced some of the nation’s and the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs. At one time, the word ‘enterprise’ was considered synonymous to Parsis in the business context. We proudly lay claim to one of the world’s greatest industrialists – our very […]

Twist In The Wrist?

Ever had the nagging, burning or tingling sensation accompanied by pain along your wrist and fingers which doesn’t subside easily? Wrist pain that doesn’t wear off can be attributed to several causes – the more common one being the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. ‘Carpus’ means wrist in Latin. In simplified terms, the carpal tunnel is a […]

Nagpur Parsi Gymkhana Lifts 35TH Jiji Irani Challenge Cup Cricket Tournament

The pentangular ‘Jiji Irani Challenge Cup Cricket Tournament’, hosted by Surat’s Zoroastrian Club, from 12th -16th November, 2023, comprised cricket teams participating from Surat, Nagpur, Secunderabad, Kolkata and Jamshedpur. After 5 days of enthralling cricket, Nagpur Parsi Gymkhana clinched the coveted cup, defeating Surat in second place (based on run rate). The inaugural function was […]

Importance of Zoroastrian Priesthood

According to Firdausi’s Shahnameh, during the prehistoric Peshdadian times (i.e., even before the advent of Asho Zarathushtra) Iranian society was divided into four classes or professions – Arthravan or Priest, Ratheshtar or warrior, Vastriyosh or farmer and Hutaos or artisan. This was similar to the ancient Vedic Varna system of Brahmin (priest, teacher, intellectual), Kshatriya […]