Greetings from Parsi Times, the ‘No. 1 News Weekly’ of all Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians in India and the world over!

Our Philosophy:
Parsi Times is dedicated to providing more than just community news to our readers. We ensure that our content reflects the five principles of journalism that form the basis and guidelines of our content strategy, structure and journalistic ideology:

Truth and Accuracy
Independence and Editorial-Neutrality
Fairness and Impartiality

Bringing together integrity and journalism, we work on the guidelines of balanced news and views with the aim of furthering and fostering unity not just within the community, but moreso, as proud Indians and global citizens. Simply put, we are poised for progress and geared for growth! And we are patronized by all – the young, the not-so-young, seniors, the orthodox and the liberals, men and women, professionals and home-makers!

•    Parsi Times is a five-year-old, fully-coloured, bi-lingual (English and Gujarati) tabloid, published every Saturday.
•    We are statistically the ‘No. 1 Choice for a News Weekly’, as preferred by the entire Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian community in India, and we have a strong online presence the world over.
•    Offering a 7-day shelf-life as today’s leading Zoroastrian Weekly, Parsi Times was established in April 2011 and is registered with the RNI (Registry of Newspapers of India).
•    Reach: Our target audience is primarily the niche Parsi Community and we command a readership (via Print Media) of over 45,000 of the current 60,000 Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians living in India; and a patronship of over 20,000 of the same globally (via digital media – our website and social media tools)
•    In our physical, tabloid format, the number of pages in our ‘Regular’ issues ranging from 24 to 32. For ‘Special Issues’, the format changes in terms of pages ranging from 84 to 120 pages per each Special Issue. Our Special or Theme-Based Issues are a collector’s item comprising carefully hand-picked compilation of articles.
•    Parsi Times is available in the form of physical (hard-copies) all across India and is digitally accessible globally via our website (, which provides the latest news, as per the latest published issue, as well as past-issue archives. We command a strong presence on social media including Facebook, Twitter, etc.
•    Parsi Times is known for its Unmatched News Content Catering to ALL Areas of Interest. We sustain this level of interest by constantly engaging with our patrons (online and offline) with regard to their changing preferences.
•    In addition to the latest News Features covering current news relevant to the community, our Regular Issues cover a vast range of topics, in keeping with the preference of our readers:

Travel Fashion Entertainment Lifestyle
Pets Finance Health & Wellness PT Push
Religion Profiles Special Features Thought provoking Editorials


•    Our Regular and Guest Columnists are well known individuals from within and outside the community who add to the prestige value of our Weekly. These include experts in various fields as well as Zoroastrian Scholars and High Priests from India and the world over.
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