Parsee Gymkhana Crowned First Division Champions In Mumbai City TT League

On 11th May, 2019, hushed whispers abounded on the impending clash between Parsee Gymkhana and Hindu Gymkhana, to determine the top position in the Premier Division of the Sanwei Annual Inter-club Table-tennis League, which was held at the NSCI (9 – 13 May, 2019). While the formidable women’s team of Frenaz Chipia, with former Commonwealth […]

Fitness Funda Of The Week By K11 – Rest! Prevent Overtraining!

With progressive overload in training comes physiological adaptations in the body: Cardio training results in increased blood flow (cardiac output); weight training produces an increase in strength and in the size of the muscle (hypertrophy). Flexibility training creates suppleness in the muscle fiber allowing it to stretch further than its normal length. To optimally achieve […]

Mixed Throwball Tourney At Salsette

On 28th April, 2019, Salsette residents were treated to a friendly Mixed Throwball tournament, with a special Under-15 category for its enthusiastic, budding youngsters. Attended by nearly fifty residents, the matches started at 5:30 pm and continued well up to 10:00 pm, where the floodlit ground witnessed high-spirited competition between teams in the Open Category. […]