Goodbye, Sweet Prince!

The Chairman and Trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet deeply mourn the sad demise of veteran thespian Dinyar Contractor (77), the High Priest of Humour on the Parsi Stage in the true tradition of the one and only Adi Marzban. It was in the fitness of things that he regaled huge audiences with his caustic […]

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THE TRUTH ABOUT WASTE MANAGEMENT The brief facts are as follows: The BMC last September 2017 announced that it would not collect wet waste from large Housing complexes (more than 200 flats) from December 2017. The Housing complexes would have to manage the disposal of their own wet waste. 10 of our big colonies were […]

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Ever since I first contested the BPP election in September 2003, it has been my dream that the BPP be an oasis for the less fortunate of our community. Today I can proudly say that my dream has become a reality. Anyone who approaches the BPP for help is readily given succour. THE CARING SIDE […]

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The Alliance Is Back On Track! After the advent of Universal Adult Franchise it is inevitable that a certain amount of political savvy will enter into the campaigning strategies of any community member desirous of serving the Community as a Trustee. Consequently, it is only natural that not all Trustees will be in agreement on […]

BPP Thanks The Community!

When the Trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) recently decided to increase Service and Maintenance charges of the Baugs under their management by Rs. 750/-, there was some concern raised whether this would be an additional burden on the old, retired or low income families residing in the Baugs. The Trustees, being responsible for […]


Housing It is a testimony to the humaneness of my colleague Trustees – Kersi, Noshir and Zarir – that community members in desperate need of housing come personally and plead their case before the trustees knowing fully well that this Board will relieve them of their anguish. In this regard seven applicants have been allotted […]