Your Moonsign Janam Rashi This Week –
15 September, 2018 – 21 September, 2018

મરહુમ મહારાજ શ્રી સ્વયંજ્યોતિના સહકાર્યકર્તા જયેશ એમ. ગોસ્વામી . ARIES | મેષ: અ.લ.ઈ. છેલ્લા 6 દિવસ જ બુધની દિનદશામાં પસાર કરવાના બાકી છે તેથી હીસાબી કામો પહેલા પુરા કરી લેજો. ઉતરતી બુધની દિનદશાને લીધે તમારા હાથથી કોઈ સારા કામ થશે. 21મીથી 36 દિવસ શનિની દિનદશા તમારા કામ પૂરા થવા નહીં દે. ખર્ચનો ખાડો ઉંડો થતો […]

European Band ‘Prague Queen’ Presents Tribute Concert For Freddie Mercury

.   Mumbaikars will ‘Break Free’ on 5th and 6th October, 2018, with International Tribute Band – PRAGUE QUEEN – performing at Mumbai’s Rang Sharada (Bandra) as a tribute to the legacy of Singer, Songwriter, international music prodigy, aapro Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara), best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band, QUEEN. Fourth […]

A Unique Zoroastrian Insight: ‘Vighnaharta’ And ‘Verethragna’ As Remover Of Obstacles

Lord Ganesha is invoked before commencing anything significant and it is for this reason that he is called the ‘Lord of Beginnings’. He is also known as Vighnaharta or remover of obstacles. The concept of Vighnaharta or remover of obstacles resonates with the Zoroastrian concept of Verethragna or victorious (in overcoming difficulties, foes or enemies). What Vighnaharta Ganesha is to devout Hindus, Verethragna Bahram […]

Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Ancient Indian literature, both, spiritual as well as historical, has several references to Lord Ganesha- the lovable elephant-God who is the deity of beginnings and a terrific trouble-shooter (vignaharta). The Skandapurana delineates his origin while the Ganesh Purana is named after him. The Nagdala Purana says that rishis and munis bowed before him saying, ‘Om Ganeshaya Namaha’ (meaning, I bow to Lord Ganesha). The Yajnavalkya […]