Body Buddy

The relationship we have with our body is intrinsic. Our body is the vessel or the residence of our soul. Just as keeping your residence filthy, cluttered, uncleaned and overflowing with trash makes it a rabid, rampant site for all kinds of pathogenic infestations ultimately leading to your eviction, so also abusing your body by […]

Your Moonsign Janam Rashi This Year

મરહુમ મહારાજ શ્રી સ્વયંજ્યોતિના સહકાર્યકર્તા જયેશ એમ. ગોસ્વામી . ARIES | મેષ: અ.લ.ઈ. આ વરસમાં મંગળની સ્થિતિ ખુબ સારી છે તેથી વરસની અંદર તમને કોઈપણ વસ્તુ સહેલાઈથી નહીં મળે. 7મી માર્ચ સુધી ઘરવાળાની ચિંતા સતાવશે. ધન મેળવવામાં મુશ્કેલી નહીં આવે. ધન આવવાની સાથે ખર્ચનું લીસ્ટ પણ તૈયાર થઈ જશે. આ વરસની અંદર પ્રમોશન મળવાના ચાન્સ […]

Techknow with Tantra -Podcast App: Free Offline Podcasts By Player FM

Listed as one of the Top 30 Best Android apps of 2017 by TheNextWeb, this podcast app gives a catalogue of over 300,000 podcasts on different topics, like daily news, sports, movies, entertainment, and lifestyle, hosted by renowned publishers. You can sync your podcast subscriptions across devices. It also features offline listening to podcasts wherever and whenever you […]

Your Monthly Numero-Tarot

January (Lucky Number- 6; Lucky Tarot Card- Lovers): Good health is indicated, however, you could feel low at times. Speak openly and freely with your loved ones. February (Lucky Number- 8; Lucky Tarot Card- Strength): You may find yourself stuck in uncomfortable situations. Be confident and have faith in yourself. Pray regularly and try to meditate. […]