UNION BUDGET 2023: Analysis

  The Budget 2023 lays emphasis on economic growth through capital expenditure, all-round inclusive development, supportive business environment, reduced compliance burden and reduction in the tax outgo for individual taxpayers opting for the new tax regime. It also sends a strong signal to the global investment and business community by reiterating the government’s position on […]

Financial Management Basics For The Youth

Marzee Kerawala is a Certified Financial Planner with expertise in Income Tax and Investment products. Managing assets worth over Rs. 4 Billion, his firm ‘NiveshIndia’, designs Tailored Investment Strategy through Customised Financial Planning for individuals and NRIs, and also handles Treasury Management for corporates and SMEs. You can contact him at +91 9987567667 or Email: marzeek@niveshindia.co.in [Website: www.niveshindia.in] Financial literacy […]